Renee Gable                           
Vice President
Bill Hubbard                           
Karen Sandrin                        
Stacy Golovach                                 


Dana Richmond -
Tracy Turner -
Student Activities
Tracy Turner -

Whitewater High School Band Booster Organization 

The Purpose of the Whitewater High School Band Boosters is:


  • To promote the program of the Whitewater High School Band set forth by the Band Director;

  • To encourage active participation in the band program;

  • To provide financial support to the band;

  • To enhance the band and music program of Whitewater High School through cooperative efforts with the Band Director, the school administration, and the Board of Education;

  • To build and maintain an organization of parents who will help promote the general activities of the Whitewater High School Band Program;

  • To enhance the starter/feeder elementary/middle schools for the Whitewater High School Band Program whenever possible.

Executive Board Members

Volunteer Coordinator Conacts

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